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The City of Watts

Emergency Preparedness Guide & Toolkit for Seniors, Undocumented Residents, and Disadvantaged Individuals.


Your Family Safety Matters
To Us!

Get involved today and learn how to prepare yourself and your family in case of an emergence or in case a disaster strike. The Cal OES Listos Program teaches Californians the basic steps needed to prepare and share your knowledge with other family members, neighbors, and friends. 

1.   Make a Plan                       2.  Get Alerts                         3.  Pack a Go Bag or Backpack

4.  Build a Stay Box                  5.  Help Friends get on board

You can learn more by visiting:


Guia de Emergencia y Preparación

Emergency Toolkit



WATCH VIDEO: The Watts Community Development Corporation is please to introduce our video program and family sponsors for the month of July 2022. Meet Ricardo and Nelly, they have lived in the city of Watts for over 30 years. They had no idea of emergency and disaster preparedness and this is the first time they heard of such a preparation. Cal OES is here to help families just like Recordo's, to learn how to prepare and share information with their family, friends, and neighbors. See Video, Click Here:


Emergency Preparedness Listos Outreach

The Watts Community Development Corporation was a partner vendor at the Housing Authority City of Los Angeles Job Resource Fair and community wrap-around services held at Turtle Park in the new redeveloped Jordan Down's Projects. The event was a big success and Farmer Johns Community Commitment feed all of the people who attended the event for free. The event was joined by many nonprofits and training institutions that were looking to hire residents from the city of Watts. The people welcomed Cal OES services and programs with open arms and signed-up for training and or support to help them prepare for emergency services.



Watts Historical Train Station Listos Statewide Emergency Preparedness

Click Here To Watch Our Cal OES Emergency Preparedness Video For The Month Of August 2022


Click Here To Watch Our Cal OES Emergency Preparedness Video For The Month Of September 2022

Watch this Spanish Language Video of an Undocumented Women Living in The City of Watts Prepare for Emergency and Disaster Preparedness.


Fresno State College Student Getting Involved

Nicholas is a junior at Fresno State University and his parents called him about the Cal OES Emergency Disaster Preparedness training and outreach. Nicholas called into the weekly teleconference engagement line for the city of Watts and he had a lot of questions about safety and how his family and him could connect in case of an emergency. Congratulation to Nicholas and his family for learning about emergency preparedness and protecting their family and friends.


We Care About Emergency Preparedness


Watch Our Social Media Video of the Month of October

Homeless man that grew-up in the city of Watts, South Los Angeles, speaks about emergency preparedness and disaster response for people who do not have a place to live. Tommy reveals his worst fears, in case of an emergency, earthquakes. How does emergency service look from the eyes of our homeless community in the city of Watts and South Los Angeles.


Watch Our Social Media Video of the Month of November

Welcome again to the city of Watts in South Los Angeles, to our Cal OES featured Emergency & Disaster Video for the month of November 2022. We would like to give a special thanks to Mike for sharing his concerns and plans on emergency preparedness and other critical services to protect his family. Mike is a single father, and our Nonprofit would like to commend him for his services and ongoing fight to protect his family and friends. Thanks again!


Watch Our Social Media Video of the Month of December 2022

Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response is a service that all people of California needs to help them in times of emergency. What happens when people are homeless with multiple severe mental, health, and physical conditions? How can we help battle all these hidden elements while increasing recovery??


Watch Our Social Media Video of the Month of February 2023

This video is recorded in Spanish only. Please check to see if there are subtitles in your spoken language. Thank you!

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