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volunteers having fun at the Train Station in Watts
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Man Gets
Free Haircut,
Clothing, and
a Hot Meal.

Homeless Man Gets Free Haircut, Food, Clothing, Prayers, and Real Support

Become a member and be a part of our team and help us to deliver needy services and assistance to our underserved population in the city of Watts. You can also give a generous tax-deductible donation to our nonprofit to help us continue our work and our needy services here in Watts.

Los Angeles

The WCDC, Sarah Stevens, the Korean Church, and over 100
Pastors came together
to provide comfort, 
prayer, food, clothing,
and blocks of cleaning
in downtown Los
Angeles hard hit areas.


You can find us online or send money quick and easy to our nonprofit

You Can Also Send Your Charitable Donation To:

Watts Community Development Corporation

1686 East 103rd Street

Los Angeles, California 90002

                                                 Thanks for your support!

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    • You can help fight against poverty and social injustices
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    • Help underserved people find life again and careers.
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    Your generous donations are tax deductible
    • Help fight against hunger, joblessness, and severe poverty.
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